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CEFACOM is a Vietnamese NGO that promotes family well-being and community development through research, capacity building and advocacy, with a consistent application of social entrepreneurship approach. In the area of capacity building, technology-enabled training for the audience of disadvantaged children and the young generation in general has been a strong focus in the operations of CEFACOM since 2015.

With a core staff and an initial focus on child sexual abuse prevention, CEFACOM began its operation in 2001 with the name as Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (CSAP) and under the umbrella of the Youth House. Based on experience gained through implementation, as well as demands of communities, CEFACOM have expanded their areas of expertise to child protection, good parenting education, domestic violence and sexual violence against women and entrepreneurship for young generations.

Since May 2005 the organization has been officially registered and recognized as an independent local non-governmental organization with the new name of CEFACOM, under Decision No. 597/QD-LHH by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA).

CEFACOM works mainly to enhance the capacity of existing government and non-government organizations through providing information, knowledge and skills relevant to child protection and child sexual abuse prevention. An important part of its work is to develop materials and experiment program approaches for long-term use in Vietnamese communities. The Centre’s products include not only the training curriculum, but also the promotional materials such as books, video and Internet contents designed for different beneficiary groups. The purpose of these activities is to raise awareness about child protection-related issues and prepare the foundation for healing and re-integrating activities. Handling disclosure and individual therapy are also areas of interest to us.

In the area of community development, since 2008 CEFACOM works with Coca-Cola Foundation to implement the “Clean Water for Communities” project, aimed to sustainably increase and improve access to clean water and sanitation for underserved communities surrounding Coca-Cola Vietnam’s bottling facilities. In doing so, the project contributes to the alleviation of many health problems related to inadequate access to safe water and proper sanitation and help to bring about sustainable, healthy communities.

CEFACOM also partners with pioneering Vietnamese tech companies to promote education for all, innovative learning, life-long learning and entrepreneurial skills development for the youth.

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