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1 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention 2001 – 2006 CPTCSAP Manila & CSAPP Australia

Main focus of this project is to build up capacity of professionals directly working with children, conducting Protective Behaviors Education, handling disclosure and providing counseling for victims.

2 Personal Safety Education for street adolescents in urban districts and children in 5 secondary schools in Hanoi 2002 – 2005 Plan International Development of training curriculum and IEC materials on personal safety; conduct of training for social workers and educators at grassroots level as well as for street children themselves.
3 Development of training manual on child abuse 2004 UNICEF A reference book on child abuse and a set of training manuals for social workers, health workers, investigators, parents/ community members and children themselves. This training kit will be used by community trainers to conduct community advocacy sessions and awareness raising campaigns.
4 Production of IEC materials for parents and children on CSA prevention 2004 World Vision VN Development of a booklet for parents, a booklet for secondary school children and a leaflet for primary school children on how to identify and keep children from sexual abuse
5 Prevention of Trafficking of Women and Children 2004-2006 World Vision US Initial survey to identify the pattern and mode of trafficking of women and children in 6 provinces in Vietnam; developing of IEC materials for different target groups.
6 Development of the manual “Working with street children” 2005 UNICEF This booklet aims to provide practical knowledge and skills for those who are directly working with street children
7 Capacity building on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention 2004-2007 World Vision VN Strengthening the capacity for WVV in integrating CSA prevention strategies into on-going projects; reinforcing the links between governmental services for child protection, police and schools
8 Clean Water for Communities 2008-2017 Coca-Cola Foundation Since 2008, The Coca-Cola Foundation and The Coca-Cola Vietnam partner with CEFACOM to provide safe water and sanitation improvements to school children and community people in three geographical areas of Vietnam – Thuong Tin district of Hanoi city in the North, Lien Chieu and Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city in the Central, and Thu Duc district of Ho Chi Minh city in the South.
9 “Entrepreneurship for young people”: an online learning portal 2015-2016 The Online Management Training Company (OMT) Develop online learning resources and community to help young people master essential skills to start and manage their small business

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